Motorbike & Sidecar Adventures

Spitsbergen, Svalbard is a very beautiful & unique when it comes to the arctic. But also, there is hardly another place than Svalbard which shows a change in so many different aspects.

Most famous is of course the climate change. Even though people can’t agree on the reason for it, there is no doubt about that it’s really happening. This change has impact on the nature & wild life, on commercial operators and its customers and, of course on the way how things will be seen & assessed in Svalbard and other areas on this planet.
Another change is visible in the commercial businesses on this island. While everything has started with coal mining & research, there has been a big commercial transformation towards tourist industry. This transformation is still ongoing and nobody can really predict in which direction it proceeds, as there are many different goals & intentions from many parties and sectors. The recent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic highlights also, how fragiles the tourist sector is.
Perhaps another change will lead into a finally a real sustainable direction for both, nature & economy. But there is still a long way to go…

Global Assistant & Logistic Group is looking back on several years of experience working at Svalbard, this includes a well spread knowledge in many different fields. What unites us all, is the uninterrupted joy of what we do and the respect for the beautiful, but changing nature in where we are allowed to work.


If you wish to have an adventure at Svalbard, planning an expedition, or need help for your commercial project, we would be pleased being your competent and reliable partner.

Especially for adventures & expeditions were are putting a very strong focus on moving away the beating tourist tracks, leading you to barely frequented places and making you able to enjoy the arctic in an undisturbed way.


Respecting wildlife is the golden rule at Svalbard. It’s mandatory & meaningful to comply with it.

If you plan to come with productional ambitions, the desire for wildlife photography or documentary, then this rule often appears as an obstacle. But in fact its not! Respecting wildlife, in combination with patience and a push at the right time, makes our team often able to deliver perfect results to you.

But, it should be also well understood, that neither wildlife, nor the perfect weather conditions can be guaranteed at any time here it Svalbard.