Aircrafts & Crew

Inside the aerial survey industry both can be a dilemma, hiring pilots & navigator with experience, and finding the right aircraft with sensor platform being available at the time when you need it.

Under the pressure of high competition, increasing demands by the authorities and a not equally climbing remuneration level it is very important for air operators to maintain a certain efficiency without compromising in safety.

Image Copyrights: Thomas Risch

Especially for pilots the challenge of the different class & type ratings is well-known. On top comes that many survey companies still works with old planes having the classic instruments, instead of a fancy glass cockpit. This is adding additional complexity for the young pilots trying to collect experience.
During years working in that industry, dealing with all those challenges we build up a network which covers most of the needs and allows us helping other survey operators and crew looking for each other.

If you are in lack of a commercial pilot with a certain experience, rating, or training, feel free contacting us. We can help with nearly all EASA and FAA requirements, including FI, CRI and / or CRE depending on the license.
This goes also for your possible need of airborne sensor navigator.

The aerial survey industry is very small and it’s much more beneficial for everyone to cooperate behind the scenes instead of competing all the way.